Here are a few of the meaningful conversations I’ve been lucky to have over the years. You can check out the Strombo YouTube channel for the ones I did at CBC and all the latest ones at The Strombo Show YouTube Channel.

With the wonderful Maya Angelou at her home.
Adrock and Mike D open up at my place in the East Village.
The Boss came over. M.I.A. in my dining room.
Fuck Yeah. Percy in my home.
Tanya Tagaq and I dig deep on The Strombo Show
We were both on the verge of tears when Sting came by my spot.
Bob Mould
The legendary storyteller paid us a visit
Tom Morello
Spending time with the wonderful June Callwood just before she passed away.
With the Prophets of Rage, Chuck D and Tom Morello in Topanga
John Krasinski
The only Elvis