Alan Doyle, GWAR, Serena Ryder + Shawn Hook

Alan Doyle has a new album (A Week At The Warehouse), a second book (A Newfoundlander In Canada) and an infinite vault of stories. In conversation with George, he explores his nice guy reputation, working with Bob Rock, his love for metal and holiday traditions. All the while performing several tracks, including a cover of Ron Hynes’ “I’ll Be There Christmas Eve.”

GWAR are thrash metal’s answer to Spinal Tap. They were formed at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond as an experiment in marketing strategy by several musicians, art students, and dancers. Recently unveiling The Blood of the Gods, their fourteenth album and first without founding member Dave Brockie (Oderus Urungus). In the reality of the world’s violence that has become more constant, we get into the challenge of their process to prepare shock levels, misogyny and if they’d run for office.

Serena Ryder enters Utopia with George — celebrating the next, but also the beginnings from the first teacher to the first cassette and the first guitar. Her collaborator Shawn Hook joins for a stripped down performance of her song “Sanctuary” and Serena delivers an exclusive rendition of her favourite Tina Turner anthem.

We’ll deliver 3-hours of uninterrupted music for music lovers by music lovers, including a premiere of new music from Zaki Ibrahim.

Charlotte Cardin, Lights + Wire

Tonight’s the night.

Charlotte Cardin left her modelling career and success on Montreal’s La Voix to return to school and become a doctor, traveled before she opened for Sting and reignited her music career. Alongside Jessie Reyez, she earned the inaugural Slate Music Emerging Songwriter Award this year. In conversation with George, she dives into how she finds freedom through her music in front of an impromptu audience at the House Of Strombo.

LIGHTS is the daughter of missionary parents and grew up in many parts of the world – Philippines, Jamaica, Ontario, British Columbia. At 18, changes her name to Lights and while creating her music and balancing motherhood motivates her schedule, she’s also created a comic series entitled Skin And Earth – a story of a girl named En in search of hope in a post-apocalpytic world. Politics. Sexism. Heroes. Villains. End of days. A record and a comic for now. We get into in in the full-conversation online, but for now, Lights stomps through our back door for an evening of anthemic optimism and her LIGHTS army in tow

WIRE’s landmark album Pink Flag turns 40 this year, but they want nothing to do the past and everything to do with the future as they drop their latest record, Silver/Lead. Original members Colin Newman and Graham Lewis talk art education, how society makes people make money, their writing process, artistic concepts behind the band and what keeps them keeping on. As Newman quips, “We’re the most famous band that you’ve never heard of.”

As part of our ongoing series to celebrate the greats, we’ll tip our hats to the Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin with a soundscape that includes archival interviews, demos and exclusive HoS covers by Charlotte Cardin and The Secret Things.

We’ll deliver 3-hours of uninterrupted music for music lovers by music lovers, including a celebration of the Horseshoe Tavern’s 70th birthday with stories from Chris Murphy of Sloan, Damian Abraham of Fucked Up + Sarah Harmer. We also premiere new music from Darcys, Jane’s Party and Jonathan Kawchuk.

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Charlamagne Tha God, James Franco + Lucy Rose

Tonight is for the quest of freedom.

Charlamagne Tha God came by while in Toronto for the Toronto International Film Festival’s premiere of Bodied. With George, he digs into being a young failed criminal, why he was fired several times from radio, finding his voice, Oscar De La Hoya, how Bodied is a vehicle for racial wars, homophobia, sexism in battle rap, how Donald Trump empowers bigots, the behind the curtain in America revealed, the frequency that the earth is vibrating on, Cardi B, Drake, the legacy of Jay-Z, what makes a great artist, how Kendrick Lamar reignited black consciousness, how his phrase “shoot the club up” originated, the difference between being a pervert and misogynistic, learning to respect through his wife and daughter, Beanie Sigel, lyricism in hip-hop, claiming that Kendrick is the best of this era, how Big Sean is the best of this moment, how he’s suspect of white rappers the way that police officers as suspect of black people, Vanilla Ice, Beastie Boys and more.

James Franco visits the House of Strombo to celebrate his new film The Disaster Artist during Toronto International Film Festival. He discusses his appreciation of The Wire, how he approached “the best worst movie ever made,” telling the universal story about dreamers on the outside, the soul of The Room‘s Tommy Wiseau, choosing to honour other artists, Basquiat, Pollock, the addiction and pitfalls of public persona, relieving ego to find happiness, recognizing workaholic and escapism tendencies to find happiness, what’s on his work-out playlist and putting focus on fewer places.

Lucy Rose recently opened a new chapter with her album Something’s Changing. She visited the House to perform stripped down renditions of her new songs, cover her sister-in-law Rae Morris and talk about on the reckless decision to stay in people’s houses on tour, music as a healing tool, conversations with tour mate and champion Paul Weller, her exploration of Latin America that informed this record, self-realization through the politics and sexism, her previous label wanting her to sound like Lorde, risk taking, choosing to leave the major label system, learning to believe in her creations, the vulnerability of Joni Mitchell‘s Blue and Neil Young‘s records teaching her that an imperfect voice is okay.

We’ll deliver 3-hours of uninterrupted music for music lovers by music lovers, including appearances from Aron D’Alesio and The Meligrove Band.

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The Belle Game, Mo Kenney, Taggart + Torrens

Tonight is for the architect of riffs, Malcolm Young.

The Belle Game visits the House Of Strombo, performs stripped down renditions of new music from their latest Fear/Nothing. They unravel the changes within the band and recognizing tenacity over adversity.

Mo Kenney returns to the House Of Strombo to strum songs off her recent release The Details and covers Guided By Voices. With George, she talks about finding out what she wanted to say, finding hope through depression, therapy and her decision to perform in Manchester the day after the terrorist attack.

Jeremy Taggart and Jonathan Torrens celebrate their debut book launch, Canadianity: True North, Strong And Freezing with an epic House Of Strombo party that includes a jam session and cavalcade of friends and bahds making special appearances throughout, including Annie Murphy of Schitt’s Creek, Maestro Fresh Wes, Nathan Dales of Letterkenny and Steven Page.

As part of our ongoing series to celebrate the greats, we’ll tip our hats to the protest badass – Joan Baez with a soundscape that includes archival interviews, demos and an exclusive HoS cover by The Belle Game.

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Arcade Fire’s Win Butler, Mappe Of + Pierre Kwenders

Tonight is about change. Making choices to forward life.

Arcade Fire’s Win Butler visits the House Of Strombo for an in-depth exploration of their latest album and tour for Everything Now, bad shows, theology, the story behind Wake Up, being the biggest “rock band” in the world, the modern political landscape of America, Tom Petty, the teacher that changed his life, the value of New Orleans, his boarding school upbringing, fatherhood, DJ Windows 98, deconstructing the role of a rock star, his son’s obsession with Michael Jackson, sexism and assault in the entertainment world, violence at concerts and more.

Mappe Of performs an exclusive solo session to celebrate his debut release A Northern Star, A Perfect Stone and covers Radiohead, reveals how he found his sound, digs into his metal appreciation, Protest The Hero, struggles with self-realization, the necessity of limitations and beyond.

Pierre Kwenders is the stage name of Jose Luis Modabi, an overt nod to his grandfather that he never met. He visits the House to celebrate his album MAKANDA with a stripped down performance, including a Lokua Kanza cover. In conversation with George, he talks about his decision to leave accounting for music, joining a Congolese choir, singing in five different languages, why he named himself after his grandfather, how he identifies home, Montreal’s Moonshine Collective and more.

We’ll celebrate the life and music of Uncle Neil Young on his birthday, which includes testimonies from Joel Plaskett, Jann Arden and exclusive HoS covers by Basia Bulat, Lowell + The Weather Station.

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Hugh Dillon, Thundercat + Weyes Blood

Tonight is about the collective. We have friends, geniuses and musical minds for you.

Hugh Dillon visits the House Of Strombo for a conversation with George and they deep dive into their long friendship, the return of the Headstones, struggles with mental health and sobriety, the value of Kingston, Gord Downie and he shares the first song that he wrote.

Weyes Blood returns to the House Of Strombo to discuss her nomadic lifestyle, finding an analog mentality in a digital world, the toll that modern political news has taken on her writing, social justices, environmentalism, her religious upbringing, her missionary work in Nigeria as a teenager, how she battled through depression and the impact that discovering Virginia Woolf had on her writing. She strums a few songs on her acoustic guitar for you.

Thundercat visits to dig into his personal playlist, the infinite influence of The Big Lebowski, racial tensions in the United States, the intimidation of a black paper, his collaborations with Kendrick Lamar and Michael McDonald, how the feeling of music can start wars, his early days with Suicidal Tendencies, his father, growing up with Kamasi Washington and what’s next.

Jonathan Torrens of Taggart N Torrens Podcast and Trailer Park Boys tips his hat to his long-time friend and collaborator, the late John Dunsworth“He loved meeting people even more than they loved meeting him. He got his doctorate in human behaviour and the world was his classroom with a twinkle in his eye, he’d push and pull and prod just to see.”

We also premiere new music from Biblical and Iskwé.

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Strombo’s Halloween Treat

It’s that time of year again! Strombo’s Halloween Treat. Carve a pumpkin. Light a candle. Eat some candy. Let us provide the soundtrack.

Emily Haines + The Soft Skeleton‘s voice has been a constant friend throughout her releases with Metric and Broken Social Scene. After ten years with those projects, she opened her next chapter with an intimate collection of solo confessions, stories and an LCD Soundsystem cover from the piano in the House Of Strombo.

Finn Wolfhard of Stranger Things and It dials in from Vancouver to discuss his Halloween traditions, the second season of the Netflix juggernaut and what his next direction is with his band, Calpurnia.

Mitch Markowitz, the last surviving member of the Canadian cult classic Hilarious House Of Frightenstein drops in for a few memories, song requests to commemorate the vinyl release of HHOF’s soundtrack. His complete and unedited exploration can be found below.

Also, we’re visited by our friends Partner and Jello Biafra of Dead Kennedys shares the story behind their song “Halloween.”

It’s wall-to-wall Hallowe’en vibes, curated by music lovers for music lovers.

HIP30: A Celebration of Canada’s Band, The Tragically Hip

For Gord.

On New Year’s Day, the Strombo Show presented a four-hour special honouring the Tragically Hip’s 30th anniversary, featuring covers and chats with the Hip’s friends, fans and colleagues.

“This past year has been an incredibly emotional one for Canada’s band and their fans. It marked their 30th anniversary and their monumental tour — a tour that captured the minds of our nation,” says George Stroumboulopoulos. “On January 1st, we say goodbye to 2016 and welcome in the new year with an unprecedented gathering. The Strombo Show has invited Canada’s best bands into my living room to celebrate and cover their favourite Hip songs and share their memories of the band, the music and of course, Gord Downie. Four hours of incredible music, memories and moments. There has never been a show like this — Canada’s best covering Canada’a band. This is our love letter to the band. Join us, and share it.`

Performances include Arkells, Blue Rodeo, Rheostatics, Sarah Harmer and Stars. Stories and memories are shared with A Tribe Called Red, Adam Van Koeverden, Andy Kim, Atom Egoyan, Daniel Lanois, George Elliott Clarke, Joseph Boyden, Kate Fenner, Lieve Prins (artist behind Fully Completely album art), RUSH, Sam Roberts, Steve Jordan, Tanis Rideout, Teddy Fury and the Hip’s longtime technical director, Dave ‘Billy Ray’ Koster.

Bill Murray, Jan Vogler, Blunt Chunks + The Kents

Come inside the House Of Strombo for another evening of musical exploration.

Legendary actor Bill Murray + acclaimed cellist Jan Vogler explore their classical project New Worlds from its inception to its deep-rooted intentions, spirituality and beyond. Their conversation was recorded in Murray’s hometown of Chicago, following his motivational appearance at the Chicago Cubs game.

Hamilton’s best kept secret Blunt Chunks unveils new music in the House and drops a cover of her favourite Wanda Jackson song. The Kents celebrate their sophomore Within Waves EP with an intimate session, including an exclusive My Morning Jacket cover. We also premiere new music from The Brood, Danielle Duval, Jessicka, Lemon Bucket Orchestra and Tough Age.

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