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Neko Case, Arkells, Shad + Jay Carson, Matt Bai

The Strombo Show’s four-hours of algorithm free musical exploration is here for you this Sunday evening. More Music. More Community. More Love. More Fight.

Arkells have declared that they’re playing for keeps. Following their success of “Knocking at the Door” and a banner year, the Hamilton boys Max Kerman and Mike Deangelis make another appearance in the House to explore the making of their fifth studio album, RALLY CRY. From listening to Joe Strummer‘s “Johnny Appleseed” on repeat in London to the Trump administration to depression, they unravel the stories behind the inception of their new anthems.

Neko Case had to build it all again, once her home burned down. The process behind her latest project Hell-On is a well-documented destruction and in conversation with Strombo, she recalls the return to the dust and the perspective that moment brought to her life. She’ll dig into the process of returning, the state of #MeToo in the music industry, her collaborations with case/lang/veirs, The New Pornographers and whole lot more.

Shad cooks up his new sounds from A Short Story About War in our kitchen with DJ TLO. The Old Prince, like the Arkells, has evolved with us throughout the years from the television show to the broom closet to the House and time after time, delivers thought provoking conversation and gripping performance. He’ll dial into his creative intentions, making the second season of the Peabody-winning series Hip Hop Evolution and the transition back to music after his hosting stint on q. And after it all, Shad toasts one of his pillars De La Soul with a rare cover and reworking of their song, “Stakes Is High.”

We’ll also premiere a song from our friend, Mister Nobu, one of the creative minds behind Choir! Choir! Choir! and Jay Carson and Matt Bai, the writers behind Jason Reitman‘s upcoming biopic of U.S. Senator Gary Hart, The Front Runner, visit in the fourth hour.

Matt Bai is a veteran political reporter whose 2014 book All the Truth is Out: The Week Politics Went Tabloid, The Front Runner was the inspiration for the film, while Jay Carson is the former press secretary for Hillary Clinton’s 2008 presidential campaign, has worked with Clinton’s on their Foundation and is the real life inspiration for Gosling’s character in The Ides Of March.

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Tom Morello, La Force + Kim Coates

The Strombo Show’s four-hours of algorithm free musical exploration is here for you this Sunday evening.

Tom Morello brings the rage for a retrospective exploration of then and now and his latest project, “The Atlas Underground.” With George, he digs into preparing his sonic conspiracy project in quiet, the journey to create a new genre of rock’n’roll, the modern political turmoil, learning to appreciate the Eagles, his EDM crush, curating the project with Marcus Mumford, Vic Mensa, Wu-Tang, K.Flay, the Rage Against The Machine return performance at Coachella, coaching his children’s little league team, the first song he learned to play, creating a live show with Roger Waters’ artistic director, believing that Rage Against The Machine should exist, the legacy of Chris Cornell, reading “The History of America in Ten Strikes”, the dismantling of labour unions, Kavanaugh, the #MeToo movement, his 95-year-old mother’s friendship with Bono and more.

La Force is the musical brainchild of Ariel Engle from Broken Social Scene and AroarA. To commemorate the nocturnal electronic sounds of her self-titled debut, she brings her songs to the House and is joined by her friend Snowblink to cover an Antony and the Johnsons standard. Let us not forget Martha Wainwright‘s delivery of her Snowblink cover on last week’s episode. The circle continues.

Kim Coates has returned with the second season of Bad Blood, so it only seemed fitting that Kim and George went in on the history of the Montreal drug trafficking business that the show was inspired by. In conversation, they explore his career, Sons Of Anarchy, choices, mistakes and the advice he received from Nicolas Cage on his first film.

There’ll also be appearances from our friends in Hippo Campus and Gladys Kyotungire to talk about the upcoming World Food Day and what you can do with the World Food Programme.

M.I.A., Martha Wainwright, Rufus Wainwright + Ian Campeau

The Strombo Show’s four-hours of algorithm free musical exploration is here for you this Sunday evening.

M.I.A. has long been one of the most inventive musical forces, her platform for both political and personal advocation. When she first arrived into the pop conversation with ‘Arular’ years ago, she sat down with George. Over a decade later, she joins us at the kitchen table for a thorough conversation about everything that happened before and since. Revolution and activism are in Maya Arulpragasam’s blood and she’ll dive into that mix of music and politics, celebrating the release of her documentary – ‘MANTANGI / MAYA / M.I.A.’

Martha Wainwright is undeniable. In her House of Strombo session, she strums songs from throughout her career, discovers new meaning in her old lyrics, remembers the first time that she shared songs with her mother Kate McGarrigle, calls an audible at the piano and if that weren’t enough, Martha generously covers Snowblink. She continues to bring her show on the road this month, returning to Quebec in December.

If one Wainwright weren’t enough, Rufus Wainwright will also be visiting the House to perform some of his earliest songs. He is about to deliver his sophomore opera, history’s forgotten gay love story Hadrian at the Canadian Opera Company this month. In conversation and solo performance, Wainwright reveals the core of his artistry.

Ian Campeau returned to the House with his backpack of knowledge strapped. With George, he explains the process and power behind language, life after A Tribe Called Red, government conditions — all the while, sharing a playlist of songs by some of the strongest Indigenous voices.

There’ll also be appearances from our friends Jim Bryson, KONGOS and Moe Berg from The Pursuit of Happiness. 

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AHI, Good Charlotte + The Lonely Parade
We roll-on this Sunday night, opening the doors of the House of Strombo for you and yours.

Good Charlotte are two decades-in and since they provided a soundtrack for a generation, they’ve launched a clothing company, purchased Graham Nash’s old studio, started their own families and launched MDDN to lead careers of acts like Jessie J and 5 Seconds Of Summer. Both Benji and Joel Madden join George to jump into their pit of creativity behind ‘Generation RX’ and everything that came before.

The Lonely Parade return to the program with distortion to herald their latest album, ‘The Pits’ and cover some Wolf Parade. (Get it?) AHI paints the walls with his soulful embrace, bringing songs from his debut album – ‘We Made It Through the Wreckage’.

We’ll debut new music from Moscow Apartment and there’ll be visits from our friends Dan Mangan, Haviah Mighty, Megative, Roxanne Potvin and music therapist, Chrissy Pearson.

Worth noting: George Stroumboulopoulos Music Therapy Scholarship has applications open until October 12: https://conta.cc/2D3uNbQ

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Nile Rodgers + Polaris Artist Cauldron
This weekend’s show has another proper legend walking through the doors of my place, Nile Rodgers has made unbelievable hits, from David Bowie to Daft Punk, and will share those stories and sounds with us on Sunday night.

We also welcome the artists who have next in an Artists Cauldron with Polaris Prize winner Jeremy Dutcher, alongside fellow short-listers Partner and Snotty Nose Rez Kids. They’ll collaborate together on a handful of originals and deliver covers of Joni Mitchell, Queen, AC/DC and Lil Wayne.

We’ll bring you premieres from Nick Ferrio, Thus Owls; visited by a few friends of the show that include Bob Moses, Monster Truck, Single Mothers, Son Real and Wayne Kramer of MC5.

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Beastie Boys, Courtney Barnett + Michael Redhead Champagne

The Strombo Show returns for another season. This season, we’ve extended to four hours.

More Music. More Community. More Love. More Fight.

Beastie Boys are one of the most important musical collectives, in our eyes. From establishing themselves with “Licensed To Ill” – the first hip-hop album to top the charts – to the genre-bending, sample fiesta “Paul’s Boutique” and the eclectic trajectory that brought together alternative anthems (“Sabotage”) and vocoder disco (“Intergalactic”) via their own label and magazine, Grand Royal. All the while, organizing festivals to raise awareness and dollars for Tibet and other social justice causes.

Both Ad-Rock and Mike D have curated and written the definitive retrospective – The Beastie Boys Book, due at the end of October. It is a collection of memories, rare photographs, comic strips, mixtape playlists, essays from famous friends and even a cookbook from Roy Choi. It is a cultural history of the Beastie Brothers. You can pre-order The Beastie Boys Book HERE.

In a rare hour-long conversation, Ad-Rock and Mike D explore the evolution of their career, early NYC days, realizing that they weren’t proud of the “Licensed To Ill” lyrics, the unreleased pre-“Licensed…” album, creative freedom resulting from “Paul’s Boutique” bricked, Q-Tip‘s rejection, small crowds at disco clubs, label requests to write an MC Hammer diss track, meeting Hammer in a bathroom, Eminem’s surprise album “Kamikaze”, meeting Eminem in a bathroom, writing feminist lyrics, Brockhampton, the modern music industry, discomfort with the idea of being a leader, finding identity post-Beastie Boys, Ad-Rock’s thespian life, unheard Beasties Boys music, Ad-Rock’s work with film scores, Mike D’s production work, Sean Lennon referring to them as the modern Beastles, how MCA stays on their mind, wearing MCA’s pants, the future, loss, the potential of unreleased Beasties songs and a whole lotta more.

If that weren’t enough — Courtney Barnett returns to the House with her guitar to strum a few songs off her latest, “Tell Me How You Really Feel.”

We will dive into some powerful music with award winning community organizer, and member of the Shamattawa Cree Nation, Michael Redhead Champagne. You might recognized Michael from the APTN series, “First Contact” that takes six average Canadians, all with strong opinions about Indigenous People, on a unique 28-day journey into Indigenous Canada. This series is available for streaming right now.

To honour the night before Polaris Music Prize, we collect some short-listers to talk about their favourite tunes by other short-listers, U.S. Girls talk Jeremy DutcherPartner talk Snotty Nose Rez KidsSnotty Nose Rez Kids talk Daniel CaesarWeaves talk AlvvaysHubert Lenoir talks Pierre Kwenders and Pierre Kwenders talks Jean-Michel Blais.

Also, our friends in The Lonely Parade swing through to spin a track off their latest project, “The Pits.”

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Best of the Strombo Show: Hundo 2017 Part Two

In part two of Hundo 2017, George shares the best songs of the year with you from to Gorillaz to Gord Downie, Kamasi Washington to PartnerJessie Reyez to Sampha. We’ll feature some of the favourite songs chosen by our team and friends of the show, including Kevin Drew and WEAVES’ Jasmyn Burke.

Listen to Part One (100-51) right HERE. And stream the complete Hundo via Apple Music right HERE.

Best of the Strombo Show: Hundo 2017 Part One

In part one of Hundo 2017, George shares the best songs of the year with you from to Run The Jewels to Emily Haines, Vivek Shraya to Omar SouleymanCharlotte Gainsbourg to Gord Downie. We’ll feature some of the favourite songs chosen by our team and friends of the show, including Partner and Lou Canon.

Listen to Part Two (50-01) right HERE. And stream the complete Hundo via Apple Music right HERE.

Best of the Strombo Show: Billy Talent, Couer de pirate + Robert Plant

Arena anthems. Defiant decibels. Monstrous riffs. Billy Talent bring the power to the House Of Strombo with a set of their biggest songs featuring the return of original drummer Aaron Solowoniuk and an exclusive Rage Against The Machine cover.

Coeur de pirate has been Beatrice Martin’s alias of heartache and transformation for the past decade. She recently delivered to us a fully Francophone album, ‘En cas de tempête, ce jardin sera fermé’ and in her return to the House Of Strombo, she performs a few cuts and an exclusive cover of Chris Isaak’s “Wicked Game.”

Robert Plant is the eternal Golden God. He continues to forge a path as an itinerant troubadour, staggering forth after realizing that at 32-years-old, Led Zeppelin was over. On his latest album, ‘Carry Fire’ he digs into “new worlds” as he described, “I rejoice in my previous work but must continue the journey to new worlds, after all there are so many songs that are yet to be written.” In a conversation at the House Of Strombo, they run the gamut of his storied life and career from the impact that traveling to Morocco had at 22-years-old to the spark Radiohead shifted in his musical approach to turning down a role in Game Of Thrones and beyond.

We’ll deliver 3-hours of uninterrupted music for music lovers by music lovers, including premieres of new music from FRONTPERSON and Thomas Stajcer.