Joan Shelley / Julie Nesrallah + Chef Charlotte Talk Carmen

This week’s show we have Julie Nesrallah from Tempo CBC Music and Chef Charlotte Langley in the house. These pals of mine will be sharing some exciting news regarding an event we are partnering with in The House of Strombo. Get your tickets here:

We also have another spectacular guest/artist you’ll meet tonight, Joan Shelley.

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Lots of new music on the #Magnificent7 to get through, including Hiperson, Alexandria Malliot, Princess Nokia and James Righton.

We have a few Strombo Sessions for you from Melvins, Joan Shelley and Alexisonfire.

On the playlist we have: John Lennon, Chemical Brothers, Offspring, The Clash, Ezu The Prophec, Chelsea Wolfe, PJ Harvey, Tune Yards, Judy Garland, Rush, Gang Star, Mos Def, The Murder City Devils, Nirvana, Fever Ray, Berhana, Esther, Otha, Sonic Youth, Bonnie Prince Billy, Leonard Cohen, Aretha Franklin, Tom Waits, Morphine, Liz Phair, Tom Petty, Think About Life, Le Ru, Dan Deacon, Milky Chance, Soccer Mommy, Lynne Hanson, Sum 41, Van Morrison, System Of A Down, The Jim Carroll Band, Veda Hill, Gillian Welch, P.M. Dawn, Man Meets Bear, Rachel’s, AC/DC, Ludwig Göransson

We are the Spirit Of Radio. The Strombo Show, Sunday 8pm on CBC Music.


  • John Lennon, "God"
  • Chemical Brothers, "Music Response"
  • Offspring, "Bad Habit"
  • The Clash, "The Magnificent Dance"
  • Alexandria Malliot, "Messed It Up"
  • Ezu The Prophec, "Yaara Tu"
  • Chelsea Wolfe, "The Mother Road"
  • PJ Harvey, "Down By The Water"
  • Tune Yards, "Gangsta"
  • Melvins, "Strombo Session"
  • Judy Garland _ Alone Together"
  • Rush, "Closer To The Heart"
  • Hiperson, "Strawberries草莓 "
  • Hiperson, "Summer Air夏天的气息"
  • Gang Star, "You Know My Steez"
  • Mos Def, "Rock N Roll"
  • The Murder City Devils, "Press Gang"
  • Nirvana, "Polly (New Wave)"
  • Fever Ray, "If I Had A Heart"
  • Princess Nokia, "Balenciaga"
  • Berhana, "Han"
  • Berhana, "Golden "
  • Esther, "Human Alchemy"
  • Otha, "Tired & Sick"
  • Sonic Youth, "Cross The Breeze"
  • Joan Shelley, "Coming Down"
  • Joan Shelley, "The Fading "
  • Bonnie Prince Billy, "The Way"
  • Leonard Cohen, "Bird On A Wire"
  • Joan Shelley, "Coming Down (Strombo Session)"
  • Aretha Franklin, "Do Right Woman Do Right Man"
  • Tom Waits, "(Looking For) The Heart Of Saturday Night"
  • Morphine, "Candy"
  • Liz Phair, "Stratford On Guy"
  • Tom Petty, "You Don’t Know How It Feels"
  • ???- Young Son"
  • Think About Life, "Paul Cries"
  • Le Ru, "Forbidden Fruit"
  • Dan Deacon, "Sat By A Tree"
  • Milky Chance, "Mind The Moon"
  • Soccer Mommy, "Yellow Is The Colour Of Her Eyes"
  • Lynne Hanson, "Just Words"
  • James Righton, "The Performer"
  • Sum 41, "Grab The Devil By The Horns"
  • Van Morrison, "Sweet Thing"
  • System Of A Down, "Chop Suey"
  • The Jim Carroll Band, "People Who Died "
  • Alexisonfire, "Strombo Session"
  • Veda Hill, "Plants"
  • Gillian Welch, "The Way It Will be "
  • P.M. Dawn, "Set Adrift On Memory Bliss"
  • Man Meets Bear, "Too Soon"
  • Rachel’s, "Last Things Last"
  • AC/DC, "Ride On"
  • Ludwig Göransson, "To The Jawas"