Behemoth, Chief LaRocca, Grand Analog + Peter Mansbridge

We raise hell in the House Of Strombo this Sunday evening.

Behemoth are monsters of their craft. They are Polish extreme metal lifers. They have weathered death threats, stood trial before Poland’s Supreme court and conquered cancer and released eleven albums. Their leader Nergal sits down with George to endeavour into his headspace of fear, loneliness, acceptance and relentless ambition to self realize before they deliver an apocalyptic storm of sound in the most evil session that we’ve welcomed into the House Of Strombo. An audience arrives in corpse paint and we will reach unprecedented levels of distortion and madness.

Grand Analog are self-described as a raw collective of seasoned record collectors, musicians and self-described beat junkies. Their emcee Odario and George go way back to talking wax outside gas stations and that passion is reignited in Grand Analog’s first visit to the House to cover Joni Mitchell for our JONI75 and to celebrate the release of their Donna Summer EP and Survival EP.

Peter Mansbridge sits down with George to discuss his upcoming project, Peter Mansbridge: In Search Of Human Rights. The former CBC News chief correspondent and friend of the show details his journey to understand the state of human rights and who is defending them. He sought out to answer those questions in his first independent documentary through conversations in Kenya, Guatemala, Greece, China, Germany, Hungary, Turkey and Canada. In conversation with George, Mansbridge talks about the documentary process, life after the news desk, the current political climate at home and the United States and his undeniable appreciation of Drake.

We’ll also be joined by Chief Kelly LaRocca, the Chief of Mississaugas of Scugog Island First Nation, to spin some of her favourite records from Childish Gambino to Elisa Jayne, the jazz that she was force-fed and early days in her punk band, Tit Sweat.

Tell all your friends where the flames rise.


  • Vince Guaraldi Trio, “Great Pumpkin Waltz”
  • A Tribe Called Red, “Burn Your Village To The Ground”
  • Horace Andy, "Money Money"
  • Joni Mitchell, “Jungle Line”
  • Ingoma Tribe, “Ensemble De Tambours”
  • Grand Analog, “Jungle Line (Joni Mitchell Cover) (Strombo Sessions)”
  • Grand Analog, “Fly Away (Strombo Sessions)”
  • Grand Analog, “Ride On (Strombo Sessions)”
  • Bananarama, “Cruel Summer”
  • The Dream Academy, “Life In A Northern Town”
  • Spoons, “Nova Heart”
  • Blood Orange, “E.V.P.”
  • Jennifer Castle, “Tonight The Evening”
  • Hole, “Celebrity Skin”
  • Rage Against The Machine, “Freedom”
  • Elsa Jayne, “Strong Currents”
  • Tara Williamson, “Sundogs”
  • Nina Simone, “The Pusher”
  • Block Univers, “ALL PROMISES”
  • Rezz, “Nightmare On Rezz Street”
  • College, “A Real Hero (Ft. Electric Youth)”
  • Tom Waits, “Another Sucker On The Vine”
  • Metric, “Strange Weather”
  • The Louvin Brothers, “Satan Is Real”
  • Behemoth, “If Crucifixion Was Not Enough”
  • Behemoth, “Rom 5:8”
  • Behemoth, “Coagula”
  • Slayer, “Angel Of Death”
  • KMFDM, “Godlike”
  • Drake, “Nice For What”
  • Feist, “A Man Is Not His Song”
  • Laraaji, “Harmonica Drone”
  • Sampha, “Treasure”
  • Radiohead, “Daydreaming”
  • Behemoth, “Wolves Ov Siberia (Strombo Sessions)”
  • Behemoth, “God = Dog (Strombo Sessions)”
  • Behemoth, “Ora Pro Nobis Lucifer (Strombo Sessions)”
  • Behemoth, “Bartzabel (Strombo Sessions)”
  • Behemoth, “Ov Fire And The Void (Strombo Sessions)”
  • Behemoth, “Chant For Ezkaton 2000 e.v. (Strombo Sessions)”
  • Behemoth, “We Are The Next 1,000 Years (Strombo Sessions)”
  • The Band, “Baby Let Me Follow You Down (Ft. Bob Dylan)”
  • The Band, “I Don’t Believe You (She Acts Like We Never Have Met) (Ft. Bob Dylan)”
  • The Band, “Forever Young (Ft. Bob Dylan)”
  • The Band, “Baby Let Me Follow You Down (Reprise) (Ft. Bob Dylan)”
  • The Band, “I Shall Be Released (Ft. Bob Dylan)”