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Maynard James Keenan + JJ Shiplett

Maynard James Keenan, the frontman of Tool, A Perfect Circle and Puscifer, joins George to explore his memoir, A Perfect Union Of Contrary Things. With his acoustic guitar in hand, JJ Shiplett celebrates his debut album Something To Believe In with an intimate session, featuring a Tom Waits cover.


  • The Staple Singers, “Long Walk To DC”
  • Rah Digga, “Angela Davis”
  • Dorothy Ashby, “The Moving Finger”
  • Austra, “Future Politics”
  • Little Scream, “People”
  • Chemtrails, “aeon”
  • Smashing Pumpkins, “Rocket”
  • GZA, “Liquid Swords”
  • Missy Elliott, “I'm Better”
  • Clare Means, “Danger”
  • BA Johnston, “Too Messed Up To Be In This Canoe"
  • Todd Snider, “Conservative, Christian, Republican, Straight, White, American Males”
  • Patsy Cline, “Back In Baby’s Arms”
  • JJ Shiplett, “Something To Believe In (Strombo Sessions)”
  • JJ Shiplett , “Hold On (Tom Waits Cover) (Strombo Sessions)”
  • Hawksley Workman, “No Beginning No End”
  • Port Cities , “Don’t Say You Love Me”
  • The Prostitutes, “Derelict Degenerates”
  • Operation Ivy, “One Of These Days”
  • Pears, “The Flu”
  • Couteau Latex, “Hostile Environment”
  • Tool, “Forty Six & 2”
  • A Perfect Circle, “Weak & Powerless”
  • Tool, “Eulogy”
  • Tool , “AENima”
  • MJK REQ: Gillian Welch, “Annabelle”
  • A Perfect Circle, “Vanishing”
  • Rage Against The Machine, “Know Your Enemy”
  • Julie Byrne, “Natural Blue”
  • Hannah Georgas, “Vancouver Divorce”
  • Pearl Jam, “Yellow Ledbetter”