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Les Stroud + Mary Gauthier

Les Stroud – environmentalist, filmmaker, and Survivorman, brings his passion for the earth and music together to create acclaimed and powerful records. His fifth full length studio album titled “Bittern Lake” came out this year and addresses environmental preservation with a collection of originals and classic covers. He comes to the House Of Strombo with guitar slung to share stories, originals, and cover of a Joni Mitchell classic

Mary Gauthier has received tons of praise over the past decade for her 7 studio albums and her heartfelt and cathartic approach to songwriting. Earlier this year she released “Rifles & Rosary Beads,” an album she wrote alongside veterans and their families. The songs tell the untold stories and struggles that only the veterans understand, but her goal is for the album to touch others, and help the soldiers take a step towards healing. She brings this passion and way with words to the House Of Strombo

We’ll deliver 3-hours of uninterrupted music for music lovers by music lovers, including premieres of new music from NEEDS, Alexandra Stréliski, Janes Party, Chilly Gonzales + The Darcys

Magnificent 7

  • 7Lady Leshurr, “Black Panther”
  • 6Rezz, “Witching Hour”
  • 5Alexandra Stréliski, “Inscape”
  • 4Moscow Apartment, “Be You”
  • 3The Darcys, “Just Here With My Friends”
  • 2Chilly Gonzales, “Chico”
  • 1Snotty Nose Rez Kids, “The Warriors”


  • Janet Jackson, “I.D.”
  • M.I.A., “Banana”
  • The Darcys, “Just Here With My Friends”
  • Lady Leshurr, “Black Panther”
  • Rezz, “Witching Hour”
  • Mary Gauthier, “Bullet Holes In The Sky (Strombo Sessions)”
  • Mary Gauthier, “I Drink (Strombo Sessions)”
  • Mary Gauthier, “Down By The River (Neil Young Cover) (Strombo Sessions)”
  • Mary Gauthier, “The War After The War”
  • Bon Iver, “Bruised Orange (John Prine Cover)”
  • John Prine, “Lonesome Friends of Science”
  • Chilly Gonzales, “Chico”
  • Van Halen, “I’ll Wait”
  • Betty Davis, “If I’m Lucky I Might Get Picked Up”
  • Betty Sinclaire, “Why, Why, Why”
  • Moscow Apartment, “Be You”
  • BrkThBeat, “Smalltown Boy”
  • Stréliski, “Inscape”
  • Father John Misty, “Hangout at the Gallows”
  • Tiga + Pusha T, “Bugatti”
  • DJ Feel Good Smalls, “Hold On”
  • Bruce Springsteen, “Thunder Road”
  • Les Stroud, “How Long (Strombo Sessions)”
  • Les Stroud, "Big Yellow Taxi (Joni Mitchell Cover) (Strombo Sessions)”
  • Les Stroud, “Nothin’ On Me (Strombo Sessions)”
  • Arctic Monkeys, “Golden Trunks
  • Ramones, “Now I Wanna Sniff Some Glue
  • Crass, “Darling”
  • Gorillaz, “Punk”
  • NEEDS, “Rage Against The Miami Sound Machine”
  • David Wiffen, “One Step”
  • KRS One, “Sound of Da Police”
  • Snotty Nose Rez Kids, “Clash of the Clans”
  • Snotty Nose Rez Kids, “The Warriors”
  • Jane’s Party, “Acknowledgements (ft. Leland Whitty)”
  • Starzz, “Journey Throo Da Darkside (Ft. Smurffy)”
  • Anthrax, “Antisocial”
  • Suicidal Tendencies, “Institutionalized”
  • Sisters Euclid, “Helpless”