Bob Mackowycz, Jr.

Sunday night is for Bookie.

“You will never come across another human being that cared more about music in the way that he did. Unwavering in his support. His values epically pure. Dave is the guy that taught us all to stay true. To never forget about the music. He lead by example. He taught me and so many people so much. Not just about how to do the job but how to tap into that thing that is why to do the job. Dave was one of one. This whole thing is not nearly as joyous without Dave Bookman on the radio.”

We’ll also be joined by our good friend and good guy Bob Mackowycz, Jr. for some exploration as part of the four-hour musical experience that’ll bring new sounds from Abakos, Absolutely Free, Badge Époque Ensemble, Doomsquad and Regina Gently.

Tell your friends that the Spirit Of Radio lives on.



  • Wilco, “The Late Greats”
  • The Rheostatics, “I Dig Music”
  • Velvet Underground, “Ocean (Outtake Version)”
  • John Cale, “Andalusia”
  • Pixies, “Debaser”
  • The Breeders, “Cannonball”
  • Absolutely Free, “Currency (Ft. U.S. Girls) (Extended Mix)”
  • New Order, “Perfect Kiss”
  • Regina Gently, “Good People”
  • Prince, “Pop Life (Fresh Dance Remix)”
  • DOOMSQUAD, “Let It Go”
  • ABAKOS, “Solar Soldier”
  • Obongjayar, “Frens”
  • Death In Vegas, “Leather”
  • Death In Vegas, “Girls”
  • Neil Young, “Like A Hurricane (Live)”
  • h hunt, “Pêche II”
  • Billie Holiday, “Easy Living”
  • C.A. Quintet, “Trip Thru Hell, Pt. I”
  • Peggy Lee, “Is That All There Is (Live on The Johnny Cash Show)”
  • SUM 41, “Intro”
  • SUM 41, “No Reason”
  • SUM 41, “We’re All To Blame”
  • SUM 41, “Out For Blood”
  • Blondie, “Rip Her to Shreds”
  • Nina Hagen, “New York”
  • Snotty Nose Rez Kids, “Aliens vs. Indians (Ft. Cartel Madras)”
  • Outkast, “ATLiens”
  • Dana Gillespie, “Dead”
  • Tom Waits, “Just Another Sucker On The Vine (Instrumental)”
  • TWT: Bruce Springsteen, “Jersey Girl (Ft. Tom Waits) (Live 1981)”
  • Bruce Springsteen, “Backstreets (Live in Albany, 1977)”
  • Super Furry Animals, “Hello Sunshine”
  • Nancy & Lee, “Summer Wine”
  • Samm Henshaw, “Church (Ft. EARTHGANG)”
  • Prince, “Raspberry Beret”
  • WLMRT, “Dark Dollars”
  • Patti Smith, “Gloria”
  • Sha-Na-Na, “Get A Job”
  • Carly Rae Jepsen, “Call Me Maybe”
  • Isla Craig, “Who Am I?”
  • David Bowie, “Changes (Demo Version, 1971)”
  • David Bowie & Arcade Fire, “Life On Mars (Live At Fashion Rocks)”
  • David Bowie & Arcade Fire, “Wake Up! (Live At Fashion Rocks)”
  • Jimmy Ruffin, “What Becomes Of The Broken Hearted”
  • Stevie Wonder, “Living For The City”
  • Badge Époque Ensemble, “Undressed In Solitude: (Extended Album Version)”
  • Gil Scott-Heron, “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised”
  • Susumu Yokota, “Tobiume”
  • Harper's Bizarre, “Witchi Tai To”